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BOM DE TOCAR: The music of Ricardo Silveira

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Ricardo Silveira's music is the soundtrack of my life. It is the first reference I have of music, live performance and studio. As a son, I was able to witness several of the achievements of his career and I was influenced to the point of choosing music and the same instrument as a profession.

It was an old wish to have this material written and formatted in a book, not only so that I could touch it, but so that it could be touched and enjoyed by as many interested people as possible. Furthermore, I understood it as something that needed to be done. After all, the music needs to continue when neither he nor I are here anymore to tell the story.


I wanted fate that I could combine this desire with another, that of taking a master's degree in music, and this combination gave me a goal and a deadline. Essential incentives for any achievement.

In addition to making this rich repertoire accessible, I also wanted to record a little of the artist's trajectory. For this, we conducted a dynamic of interviews throughout the process in which the objective was to rescue the maximum of their musical experiences, backstage of recordings, ideas about their repertoire and the repercussions of this at the time of their releases. Especially because, in more than forty years of dedication to music, history is not lacking.

Pedro Silveira


ccapa montada Ricardo Silveira-1.jpg


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