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Fluency in Improvisation

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This course is for those musicians who already know arpeggios, scales, who have already started improvisation and who seek to develop a more articulate and fluent phrasing.

I prepared material thinking about things that help me connect ideas and articulate the wording.

The content includes some ways to use arpeggios; how to improvise over a chord by combining some of them; how I usually mix picks and wires; how to make the study of scales more musical; some patterns and exercises that I created.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Chord Melody

Chord Melody rs.png

This course is aimed at those who wish to improve their guitar accompaniment and start building their own solo arrangements. For those who already know the main chords, have a reasonable reading of figures but want to go further. With this course I want to show that with the guitar, even if we follow, we can tell a story and we can perform some different functions.


The first step to start making our accompaniment more interesting is to increase our chord vocabulary. So, I share most of the voicings that I use in my daily life along with exercises that enable their assimilation and application.


We will start by talking about voicings, then about harmonizing the harmonic field and I will show you some ways to suggest a harmony.


With the presented vocabulary we will explore some progressions, chord melody and, finally, improvisation with chords.

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