Bom de tocar (1984)
High life (1986)
Ricardo Silveira (1987)
Long distance (1988)
Sky light  (1989)
Amazon Secrets (1990)
Small world (1992)
Storyteller  (1995)
Noite clara (2003)
R. Silveira e Luiz Avelar  "Ao vivo" (2004)
Outro Rio (2007)
ate amanha.jpg
Até amanhã (2010)
R. Silveira e Vinícius Cantuária (2013)
Atlânticos (2013)
Organ Trio (2014)
Cosmos (2016)
Ao vivo em Jericoacoara (2016)
Simbora (2017)
Solo (2021)

The music and your playing was very cinematic. That's not easy to achieve.

I think that your years and years of experience - in both life and as a musician have given you the 'soul' and 'depth' to play something like this.


The sense of space and of breathing is really perfection. I greatly admire you for doing a project like this. To sit there, all alone, and present this much music is amazing to me. Congratulations! It's a beautiful project!!!

Steve Khan

Rio Texas
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